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The VIADER Wine Club

Wine ClubThank you for your interest in the VIADER Wine Club! Enjoy our limited production wines at home by joining the VIADER Wine Club. As a member of the VIADER Wine Club you will have guaranteed availability of all new releases, Wine Club exclusive bottlings, and select library wines.

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Wine Club benefits include:

  • Exclusive invites and complimentary tickets to Wine Club events & Release parties
  • Complimentary wine tasting for up to 4 people (with Wine Club member present)
  • Special Wine Club Pricing (15% off)
  • Preferred Wine Club shipping rate for FedEx Ground ($10 in CA, $20 out of state)

Additional Details & Pricing

As a member of the VIADER Wine Club you have access to 12 exclusive wine selections from the VIADER, "V", VIADER "Black Label," and DARE by Viader selections. Every 2-bottle order is an average of $185 (e.g. $555 per 6 bottle shipment), plus taxes and your Preferred Wine Club shipping rate. View 2015 Wine Club Calendar to view this year's Wine Club selections.

Standard Membership Options:

  • Clasico: 12 bottles per year
  • Tango: 2 cases per year
  • Gaucho: 3 cases per year

Choose your Delivery Frequency:

  • Once | Annually (Fall)
  • Twice | Semi-Annually (typically Spring & Fall)
  • Pick up at Winery (up to six times per year)

Choose your Billing Frequency:

  • Once | Annually (Fall)
  • Twice | Semi-Annually (typically Spring & Fall)
  • Six times per year (2, 4, or 6 bottles billed at a time)

While the VIADER Wine Club may be billed 6 times per year, we consolidate multiple orders for shipping once or twice a year.

Wine Club Shipping Rates: California shipments are $10 per package (up to 12x750ml), and Out-of-State shipments are $20 per package (up to 12x750ml). Wines are shipped via FedEx Ground only when cooler temperatures allow for the safe transit of wine (between 45-75 degrees).


Please contact the winery for more details by calling (707) 963-3816.

Thank you for your support of VIADER wines!