July Veraison at Viader Vineyards

July: Veraison at Viader Vineyards is at about 50%

Veraison Full Swing at Viader

We want to keep you posted on the progress in our vineyards this harvest season. We’ll post these talks intermittently up to the harvest to give an inside perspective on the evolution of the season.

“There are tons of things going on this week in the vineyard,” reports Alan Viader, our Winemaker. “Veraison is in full swing with the majority of the vineyard 50% or more along.  Veraison is the onset of ripening, officially defined as the change of color of the grapes.  Most importantly, it represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening. It’s a crucial phase in the berry development.

Canopy management is also top of mind at this point in the harvest.

Canopy  in July at Viader

Canopy in July at Viader

“I am busy checking vineyard canopies to ensure optimal sun exposure during this pivotal point in the season,” says Alan  “I’m also monitoring our irrigation and water stress levels using our state of the art sap-flow sensors that measure actual (real-time) water use within the plant itself.” Sap-flow sensors help Alan measure actual water use by the grapevines so he can make reasonable estimates of vine water. It’s a key step in irrigation management.

As the week moves on, Alan also mentions that they’re “starting to mow the grasses and weeds in between the vine rows.  It will be our last mowing before harvest,” he says.  The purpose is to clean up the rows for the crew at harvest and to minimize competition from weeds for water at the end of the season. “It’s the time of year where I don’t want to have too much stress on the vines.” That’s the official update. Stay tuned for more and for a virtual walk through the property, please see this post with a photo gallery of Viader Vineyards.

Alan Viader walking the property at Viader Vineyards and Winery

Alan walking the property

Delia and Alan Viader

Delia and Alan Viader