Futures Club Benefits

· Guaranteed allocations of upcoming vintages and large formats (bottled to order) before release at the best possible price.
· Missing a vintage?  Fill in the blanks of your VIADER or “V” collection with 15% off retail pricing of available vintages.
· Complimentary exclusive VIADER Barrel Twilight tastings by invitation only, offered each Fall & Winter.
· Complimentary tastings and tours of our estate on Howell Mountain for you and up to 2 guests (Futures Club member must be present).



 Futures Club Details

· Per your specifications, your Futures Club allocation will repeat annually.
· Wines are sent to Futures Club members prior to the official release dates. Shipping is 3 years after vintage date, in first quarter (e.g. 2012 vintage will ship in Feb. 2015).
· Shipments are sent by FedEx Ground plus $20 packaging fee. Packages are sent when safe for the wine.
· We will send an annual notification email for you to be able to add to your upcoming Futures Club shipments.